TEAM High Report

To:         Michael Green

From:    Dan Uhlenkott

RE:        TEAM High School Update

Date:     February 9, 2015   


Several students will be taking the Math End of Course Exam and the Science End of Course Exam the first week of February.  These students (especially the seniors) are required to pass these exams as one of the requirements to earn a diploma.  Seniors can also take and pass the exams in the June but will not get the results back in time for the graduation ceremony, that is why passing this exam in February is very valuable for seniors.

I attended the Washington Association of Learning Alternatives at OSPI on January 9.   This is the annual meeting for administrators to learn about current legislation and possible upcoming regulations that will impact alternative learning.  It is also an opportunity to discuss issues with someone from the auditor’s office. 

I will be working closely with Chris Wiseman this spring to transition the leadership of TEAM High School over to him.  I feel very comfortable with him taking over as TEAM High School principal.   Mary Burnett has worked with Chris in the past and she feels he will be a good principal for our program.  Elly and Mia have not worked with him but will find he really has a heart for struggling learners.

Chris, Mary and I will be attending the Washington Association of Learning Alternatives Spring Conference during the first week in March.  I am looking forward to this time to be with Chris and Mary in order to get Chris up to speed. 


Mary Burnett sent me an email in January describing Mia’s persistence and dedication to TEAM students.  Just another example of how valuable Mia is to TEAM High School.



I just wanted to compliment Mia. We had a student stuck on a trig section of geometry. When Mia couldn't figure it out either, she went to a math teacher at the high school on her own time and got help. The student passed that section with an 85% today and now she is researching to help another student with their math. Mia works very hard.