Please Approve District-wide Telephone Bid

There were several parts of the new WHS project that were identified as "Owner Furnished/Owner Installed" (OFOI).  The purpose of these is to save money in the cost of the project by avoiding contractor markups.

One of the categories that were designated OFOI is telecommunifcations equipment.  We worked with CSG telecom consultant, Rod Roduin, to identify needs and solicit bids for a new telephone system at the Woodland High School.   The bid was developed with two options. 1) a district-wide phone system replacement (excluding Yale) and 2) a High School only system.

Several vendors were contacted and invited to bid on the project.  Three vendors demonstrated intent to bid by attending a pre-bid meeting.  In the end, the district received a single bid for the replacement system.   Regardless, it appears to be a very good bid in terms of the product provided and the cost of the product.

         w/o WSST   w/ WSST  
   WHS Only     $ 69,691.68   $ 75,127.74
  District-wide  $ 135,938,76 $ 146,541.98


Ednetics, the vendor who submitted the only bid, is also the subcontractor for the WHS project, who is doing the intercom,   security cameras, access controls, and other low voltage systems.  The advantage this offers is, it eliminates the need to coordinate an external vendor with Skanska. The product they are proposing is the most highly integrated, with the specifed WHS system of all the potential vendors.

We have budgeted capacity between the remainder of the district-wide rewiring budget and the budget for telephones at the WHS of roughly $120,000.

We have adequate capacity within the CPF to spend the additional $27,000 to make the system a district-wide system, which has multiple advantanges in terms of quality, management, maintenance and function.

We are currently in the process of identifying areas we can work with the bid to shave off additional costs from the bid, such as installing the classroom telephones ourselves as opposed to having the vendor do the work.  

Attached is the recommendaiton from consultant Rod Roduin.

Administrative recommendation /MOTION/  "I move we accept the bid of Ednetics for a district-wide telephone system."


Attached Files:
CSG PhoneSys Bid Recommendation.pdf 99KB application/pdf
WAW404-010615-1.pdf 6MB application/pdf