Reconfiguration Update

5-8 Middle School Configuration:  The 5-8 staff have done an impressive amount of work considering what model will best serve our students. A focus group was formed with representation from both buildings a parent and school leaders. The focus group served by gathering input from their colleagues, doing research, and proposing various models. Each time taking the research, proposals and models back to all 5-8 staff for feedback and refinement. This process has been highly involved and thoroughly investigated. Dr. Thomson will share the process we have worked through and the resulting model at the January board meeting. At this time I am confident that we have attended well to creating a positive learning environment for all grades involved and thought creatively to come up with some powerful opportunities to strengthen our instructional program and the middle school level. Each of our goals for reconfiguration have been attended to throughout the process.


  • To provide high quality teaching and learning

  • To provide safe, healthy, and nurturing learning environments

  • To be fiscally responsible

  • To communicate and collaborate with our staff, community, and families

  • To build a seamless K-12 learning experience that results in high-quality learning for all students


While Dr. Thomson will be sharing details with you in January I would like to share some potential benefits of the developing program.


  • We expect the transition for our 5th graders will be very smooth - Currently our 5th grade students see up to 5 teachers for core content and electives/specials, this would remain similar at the middle school. They receive core content lessons from mainly one or two teachers, this would be similar at the middle school.

  • Grades 5 and 6 would have lunch and electives together and spend their core content with their same grade level. Grades 7 and 8 would have a separate lunch and also have electives together. While 5th/6th won’t have much interaction with 7th/8th grade there will be intentional schoolwide community building events and opportunities similar to those currently held and WIS and WMS, like student body leadership, assemblies etc.

  • Increased focus on student academic needs through increased collaboration time for teachers to work together specific to student achievement goals and data.

  • Longer time in core content areas for all 5-8 students taught by highly qualified content teachers.

  • Increased physical education for grades 5 and 6 and increased opportunities for electives with only one FTE increase building wide.

Vetting Potential Bussing Options:  We have our second meeting scheduled for December 15th with KWRL to review how transportation will be impacted by reconfiguration. Two options are being vetted, a hub model and a second model similar to the one we run now but with two runs on certain routes. Shannon has been working on detailing each version and will share the results of both models with us Monday morning December 15th.


Planning the Physical Move:  I have now met with each principal and secretary to discuss what furniture will be moved or stay behind. Tentatively we expect to rent pallets and purchase boxes for each staff member moving. On the day after school is out we’ll deliver the pallets in front of classrooms and teachers can place the boxes on the pallets, we’ll wrap the pallets and move them to designated storage areas until they can be delivered to actual classrooms for unpacking upon teacher return. Certain programs and offices will get boxes early to begin packing materials. The rest of the boxes should arrive and be available for staff prior to spring break. This way those who have things from first semester they will not need for instruction at the end of the year and wish to begin packing have resources to do so.


Meetings with the Architect: Meetings are being held with each school principal and Eric Lanciault to discuss modifications to buildings. The goals of any modifications are to increase safety and ensure the new population of students coming to the location will comfortably be able to use the facilities they shift to. At this time needs have been identified and plans will then be outlined and then we’ll map out which modifications will be made prior to the move and which modifications will come after the move. As plans are drawn up for the modifications there will be opportunities for input. More detailed information regarding this process should be clear as we get closer to end of January.


Surplus Process: I have presented to the school board a list for surplus. These items are materials that are no longer in use and would better be sold or removed prior to the move. We expect the surplus to be completed by the beginning of January.


Letter of Agreement with WEA:

A letter of agreement has been established with WEA, see attached. This agreement outlines that teachers associated with the grades moving will shift to the new locations with the grade levels they teach. There will also be an opportunity for teachers to voice their interest in teaching at different locations/grades for administrators to consider. The letter also outlines that teachers impacted by the move will be provided 2 additional days of pay in recognition of the time involved with packing and moving.

Attached Files:
WEA LOA Reconfig.pdf 124KB application/pdf