Approval of Change Order 11

Attached is Change Order #11 for the new WHS project.

Also included for your consideration is an Executive Summary written by Kelley Wilson.


This is a large change order that includes all Construction Change Directives.  With two exceptions, CCD 28 and CCD 30, these were approved by me.  CCD 28 was approved by Jim Bays and myself (in Janice's absence) and CCD 29 was approved by Janice and myself.


Administrative Recommendation/MOTION/ "I move we approve Change Order 11 as presented"

Attached Files:
CO LOG .pdf 227KB application/pdf
WHS - Change Order 011 - 140806.pdf 106KB application/pdf
WHS CO 11 board summary.pdf 216KB application/pdf
WHS CO LOG 08-11-14 .pdf 389KB application/pdf