Ratification of Change Order #10

Change Order 10 was signed by me so work could proceed.   The total cost of the Change order was $1,045.   The components are detailed below:


CCD-025 – Add wood blocking (pressure treated plywood) at window openings. Wood blocking at the storefront and curtain wall window heads is required by the window manufacture to maintain warranty and meet installation requirements. Shown on drawings as gypsum board. 


 COP 019R – Revisions to casework in all science rooms to accommodate piping to lab sinks. 


 COP 024 - Casework revisions from the FF&E action list changes as the result of the last round of user group meetings. Reduction in casework. 


 COR 063 - Modifications to interior wall framing to accommodate plumbing and structural steel conflicts. Plumbing was shown on beam line and needed to move. Additional framing revisions to cover plumbing. 


 COR 095 - Change to 10” pipe that was mislabeled as 8” pipe on design drawings 


 COR 118 – Modify metal stud framing and add deflection joint to cover exposed structural steel at mechanical mezzanines. 


Attached Files:
WHS - Change Order 010 - 140715.pdf 201KB application/pdf