Director of Learning Report

Re Director of Learning:

Beginning Educator Support  - In light of our recent influx of first or second year teachers, I have decided to apply for the BEST grant to support training for teachers in the first year of their career. With this grant, we’ll be able to provide a two day induction and continued monthly support from a mentor throughout the year. We have provided similar support in previous years, but this grant will enable us to ensure the mentor/mentee relationship is intentional and well supported with time.

National Boards - This year, the National Board Certification process has been significantly revised. The state has requested all cohort providers to attend training and resubmit their application to be a state approved cohort support provider

New Evaluation Next Steps - Based on the recent staff survey and feedback from principals, I will be working to refine the student growth goal-setting portion of the evaluation to ensure we all have a common picture of quality achievement goals. Recently, I attended a training of a local assessment expert, and found it extremely beneficial. As a result, I am encouraging our administrators and learning specialists to attend, so that together we can support teachers in writing and implementing these goals.

Engage NY Interim Adoption- Based on the recommendation of the building leadership teams from both WPS and WIS, I support an interim adoption of the materials and have recommended such. While awaiting for formal approval, I have begun to develop a plan to ensure all necessary materials will be organized and available to staff in the fall. At this time, I am gathering bids on print costs, which I estimate to be between $14,000 to $17,000. I am also developing training plans regarding the materials so our teachers are well prepared to teach with the new resource. Lastly, I will be planning to update the teaching and learning page this summer, with resources for parents and the community.

ESD 112 Science Materials- Recently, I have had some concerns regarding the services we contract from the ESD regarding science materials. This year, they had begun a costly project to revise the FOSS kits and could not demonstrate clear benefit to instruction or alignment to the upcoming Next Generation Science Standards. Upon repeated requests for more information, a meeting was finally held in which all districts attended and were able to voice concerns and recommend a new plan that would ensure the science materials were effectively aligned to the new standards. I feel that the ESD 112 finally listened and will make adjustments that will serve the needs of our schools here in Woodland.

Summer School Programs - As you know, I recently audited student participation and achievement in the high school summer credit recovery program. Based on this review of student coursework, I met with Dan Uhlenkott to revise the program and add in some additional pieces of student accountability and support.