Approval of Athletic Staffing Matrix

I am requesting that the Board consider adopting a staffing matrix that defines athlete to coaching ratios for the coming year.

The current practice regarding the staffing of coaches to athletes is that when teams get large enough to justify the addition of a coach, Paul Huddleston makes a request for additional coaching staff.   In the absence of metrics to know if the request is appropriate, we are dependent on Mr. Huddleston to make a cogent argument in defense of his request.   

This winter, I asked Paul to do some research to identify what the practice of other schools is, relative to staffing.  I asked him to seek what schools had models similar to that which is proposed for Board adoption.

Of the twenty-six schools that responded to Paul's request for information, we learned the following...

Twelve schools have no defined Athlete:Coach ratio:

  • La Center
  • King's Way
  • Seton Catholic
  • Woodland 
  • Ridgefield 
  • Hockinson
  • Black Hills
  • Tumwater 
  • Camas
  • Montesano 
  • WF West 
  • Mark Morris

Three schools have flat Athlete:Coach ratios for all sports:

  • White Salmon           14:1
  • Kalama                     11:1
  • Stevenson                15:1
Eleven Schools have a matrix similar to those provided:
Six schools shared their matrix with us.  They are hotlinked above and attached below.
Administrative Recommendation: /MOTION/ "I move we adopt the 2014-2015 athletic staffing matrix as proposed"
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Kelso SD.pdf 80KB application/pdf
Prairie SD.pdf 61KB application/pdf
Vancouver SD.pdf 116KB application/pdf
Washougal SD.pdf 24KB application/pdf
Woodland SD.pdf 180KB application/pdf