WPS Report

Woodland Primary School has been a busy place this last month.

We are in the process of interviewing for two open teaching positions for 2nd and 3rd grade. The candidates not only interview, but also teach a 30 minute lesson in one of our existing classrooms, while being observed by the interview committee. This provides us with a deeper level of understanding of their instructional and planning skills while providing an opportunity for the team to discuss the lesson with the candidate. 

Deb Kernen was very helpful in the process of hiring a new counselor. We interviewed 2 weeks ago and offered the position to Lindsay Hill. She is a primary level teacher that recently received her Masters in counseling. She has experience in implementing the PBIS system of positive behavior and she will be a valuable leader as we move forward. She is really excited about the position and we are equally enthusiastic about her joining our team.

We are midway through the CAST process. The time spent with teachers as we examine student progress and what can be done to help students in their learning, has been really valuable.  Especially valuable is the information we have shared with the Intermediate staff so they can prepare to help students as they transition to 4th grade.

Miss Sanders' 3rd grade class and parents have completed the fundraising for a buddy bench, and purchased it for the playground. Using parent volunteers, the bench will be installed on the playground within the next couple of weeks. We plan to have a ribbon cutting during field day. It's great to see the students dive into this worthy project and take ownership in seeing the project to completion.

We have finalized our Title I / SIP planning. We have two major target areas: Quality Instruction and School Culture as outlined below:

Quality Instruction
        Professional Development around the Instructional Frameworks
        Learning Walks - teachers observing and providing feedback - Instructional strategies
        PLC - teachers meeting together to collaborate on data and progress monitoring

School Culture
        Using the PBIS process to create a positive school-wide culture of learning, caring and citizenship.
        Creating positive school-wide expectations.
        Intervention Program to support students and get them back learning.
        Attendance - attacking this pervasive problem through school-wide programs and student accountability.

Implementing of Math curriculum pilot with fidelity
        Professional development on common core standards
        PLC work regarding the implementation of


Craig Downs
Principal, Woodland Primary School
Woodland School District - Washington
"Great Kids - Great Staff - Great Future"