Yale Gym Final Acceptance

The Yale Gym project is complete!  In compliance with policy and state code (below), the project must be formally accepted by the Board of Directors.   Attached are the following documents:

Architect's Final Acceptance

Application for Payment of Retainage

Consent of Surety (Release of leins)


Administrative Recommendation /MOTION/ "I move we accept as complete, the Yale Gym Remodel Project as recommended by Eric Lanciault, project architect"

Board Policy 6959:  Acceptance of Completed Project


WAC 392-344-155


Final acceptance of project by architect/engineer.

Upon final completion of the project by contractor(s), the architect/engineer shall inspect the project to determine compliance with the construction documents. The architect/engineer, upon determining that the project has been completed satisfactorily, shall make such recommendation through the issuance of a certificate of completion to the school district board of directors. Separate certificates of completion shall be written for each contract awarded. Certificates of completion shall provide a statement of work completed including the gross square footage of new and/or modernized construction per WAC 392-343-019.

WAC 392-344-160


Acceptance of project by school district.

The board of directors for a school district shall accept a project as complete or reject a project as incomplete after a review of the building commissioning final report, an inspection of the project, and receipt of certificate(s) of completion signed by the architect/engineer. A school district board resolution accepting the projects as complete must be submitted to OSPI before release of retainage shall be made in accordance with WAC 392-344-165.
Attached Files:
140502_final acceptance_424.pdf 28KB application/pdf
140502_final retention_424.pdf 872KB application/pdf
140514_consent of surety_424.pdf 3MB application/pdf