Approval of Change Order #5

Attached is Change Order #5.  Please note that the last change order approved by the board was #3.  Change order #4 was issued adding the Turf field to the project scope.  This board approved this action by identified scope rather than change order #3.


Kelley Wilson, our construction manager provided detail on Change Order #5 as follows:

  • CCD 006R1 – This was additional cost to reroute underground systems (domestic water, fire line, sewer, storm sewer, electrical) outside of the main mechanical room.  The area was too small to accommodate all the systems.
  • CCD 010 – Add camber to several beams that was required but not shown on drawings.
  • COP 009R1 – Curtain design/operation required 2 motors and drawings showed only one power location.  Add additional power.
  • COP 010 – This was a credit to eliminate foundation stem walls.  A less expensive thickened slab edge detail was approved.
  • COP 013 – This was additional cost to move one electrical panel and several low voltage panels out of the egress path from the mechanical mezzanine.  Panels were too large to allow proper egress.  Electrical panel was moved upstairs and the low voltage was moved across the room.
  • COR 050 – This change was needed to enlarge a footing to accommodate a braced frame.
  • COR 53 – Additional rebar around openings in the gym CMU walls to accommodate a duct opening.
  • COR 54– This change was part of an overall cost reduction (credited to CCD006R1) to reroute a water line and sewer line.
  • COR 057 – A fire line was not allowing a door full clearance.  Reroute fire line.
  • COR 058 – This was the cost for additional steel required at the roof joists to accommodate concentrated loads.

He will be avilable to answer any questions that the board may have regarding this Change Order. 


ADMINISTRATIVE RECOMMENDATION /MOTION/ "I move we approve Change Order #5 as presented"

Attached Files:
WHS - Change Order 005 W Attachments --- to board.pdf 3MB application/pdf