Approval of interagency agreement for Cabling and Telephone upgrade

One of the owner responsibilities for installation at the new Woodland High School is the telephone system.  Over the last year we have explored different options for the phone systme at Woodland High School and have determied that the most cost effective option over the long-term is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system.  The system is complex insofar as we want to integrate it with current technology infrastructure within our other buildings.

In terms of infrastructure we have areas of the school district that do not have adequate cabling to support current interent usage, much less a VoIP systeml

I have investigated options for system design and have found that, following negotiations on pricing, the ESD 112 Construction Services Group offers us the best opportunity to prepare for a competitive bidding process and complete installation.

Attached is an agreeement that will authorize the work by CSG.


ADMINISTRATIVE RECOMMENDATION /MOTION/  "I move we approve the interagency agreement for Consulting Services in support of Structured Cabling upgrades and Hosted IP Phone Services, as presented"

Attached Files:
Woodland interagency agreement for phone & cabling.pdf 182KB application/pdf