April 14, 2014 Regular Meeting Minutes



April 14, 2014 5:00PM
Regular Meeting-District Meeting Room



Janice Watts, Jim Bays, Tina Cayton, Jeremy Stuart, Matt Donald, Michael Green-Board Secretary, Stephanie Patterson-Recording Secretary.



Deb Kernen, Stacy Brown, Dan Uhlenkott, John Shoup, Chris Wiseman, Cari Thomson, Asha Riley, Craig Downs, Natalia Dittmer, Annette Koistinen.



Tina Cayton moved to approve the March 24, 2014 regular meeting minutes.

Matt Donald  yes
Tina Cayton  yes
Jim Bays  yes
Jeremy Stuart  yes
Janice Watts  yes  carried



Student Report
Tayler Summers was not present.

Department Reports
The school board reviewed the monthly reports from schools and departments and had no questions or comment.

Cari Thomson verbally reported to the board that the Lego Robotics team made it to Nationals and to contact Jody Brentin to make donations. The Lego team was in the Daily News as one of the few public school programs to make it to the National level.

Other Reports
Janice noted from the athletic department report that it looks like fundraising is underway for the stadium turf.



Michael Green discussed key impact points in documents from the legislative session. Changes include this year’s 7th graders will need 24 credits to graduate, the culminating project program will be eliminated at the State level, but not necessarily at the District level.  Revision to Board policy would be required to eliminate the culminating project at Woodland High School.  It is the current recommendation of the High School Administration that the culminating project be retained.

Graduation requirement changes are outlined in documents provided that are reflective for 2016 then up again for 2019. Michael stated that he will be bringing some policy changes to the Board regarding graduation requirements.

Discussion followed regarding the Superintendent Report.  Janice Watts asked if Woodland High School will be dropping the culminating project. And, if WHS continues requiring the project, would it be too much on kids with the higher graduation standards?  John Shoup responded that the project is integrated into courses throughout students’ high school career and does not add additional coursework that would eliminate opportunity for electives or other coursework.



A letter of thanks was sent to the PTSA for providing funds for the WIS rock climbing wall.

Notice was received from OSPI and the Board of Education notifying the District that WIS was awarded the 2013 Washington Achievement Award.






Janice Watts shared information from a discussion she had with Tom Edwards regarding Tom asking if the Board would consider having an agenda item to discuss Common Core. She expressed that a lot of time has been spent on that and it has been discussed in depth, but she would poll the Board about adding it to a future board agenda. There was discussion between board members and Asha Riley regarding the decision to add or not add the agenda item.

Janice Watts polled The Board as to whether they should bring back Common Core as an agenda item or not. The Board unanimously voted no on the Common Core agenda item being added to a future agenda.



Staff and Community Feedback on Reconfiguration Options
Michael Green spoke about the community meeting last week regarding reconfiguration options. Michael apologized to the Board for comments he made during the community meeting that were insensitive and may have caused offense. Michael asked for direction and next steps they would like to take before the decision on reconfiguration in May.

Jim Bays asked for clarification about the options presented that centered on the use of portables.

Tina Cayton shared excerpts from the many emails she has received from citizens requesting the Board consider other options not presented that would not include neighborhood schools. Tina asked if we reached out to the Spanish speaking community with letters in Spanish about reconfiguration options and the community meeting.  Tina would like to see other reconfiguration options.

Jeremy Stuart said many communities have neighborhood schools. Jeremy asked how we narrowed it down to 3 options.  Michael Green responded that he and the principals spent a good deal of time reviewing several options to narrow them.  They looked at educational impact, logistics, cost, efficiency, and other factors.  Jeremy spoke about concerns regarding students transitioning frequently and the expense of each option.

Conversation regarding reconfiguration options continued.  Janice inquired about transportation options such as using tiers or double runs. Concerns were voiced by the Board about equality of services to include library, playground equipment, special services as well as boundary lines for neighborhood schools, impact on staff and overall impact on the community. 

Jim Bays stated he would like more work on “Plan B” (an option for tiered schools that had narrower grade bands) where the District would use some portables and the students would transition more frequently without the use of neighborhood schools.

Matt Donald inquired about how much money is in the budget for retro-fitting the existing buildings. Michael responded that approximately $1.3 million is set aside for retro-fitting. Jim Bays stated that there may be some contingency money remaining from the High School project that could be used for retro-fitting as well.

The Board made the decision to discuss the reconfiguration models at the next meeting. Matt Donald requested that a picture of the transportation situation be provided for the discussion that would include tiered approach and expenses.

Board President Janice Watts asked if anyone at the meeting had additional comment.  Annette Koistinen shared that a lot of her points were addressed during the Board’s discussion about reconfiguration. She is concerned about the division of staff with regards to style of teaching and team teaching. She discussed time students spend on the bus and feels that neighborhood schools will not reduce bus time.

Natalia Dittmer thanked the Board for their open and honest discussion regarding reconfiguration. She has huge concerns about neighborhood schools and is grateful for the Board’s willingness to look at other options. She thanked Michael for the apology.

Asha Riley spoke as a parent, that she grieved a little about the reconfiguration options with neighborhood schools. She has internal conflicts as an educator and is struggling with the gaps, instructionally, with staff.  She expressed concerns that “Plan B” would have a negative impact on collaboration because of reducing opportunities for cross grade-level conversations and collaboration.



See attached consent agenda. Matt Donald said he was sad to see Judy Byrne announce her retirement and she is a fantastic teacher. Michael mentioned that Charli Fredrickson from KWRL is also retiring after many years of service.  Several directors asked about LaJune Thorson’s resignation.

Jeremy Stuart moved to approve the consent agenda.

Matt Donald  yes 
Jeremy Stuart  yes
Tina Cayton  yes 
Jim Bays  yes
Janice Watts  yes  carried



President, Janice Watts, recessed the meeting into executive session at 6:50pm to discuss matters allowed under 42.30.110(1)(g), with no action to be taken upon return.

President, Janice Watts, reconvened the meeting into regular session at 8:50 pm.



President, Janice Watts, adjourned the meeting of the Board of Directors at 8:50pm.



Secretary to the Board







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