Dear Woodland Primary School Parents...from the Superintendent

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March 12, 2014

Dear Woodland Primary School Parents,

We hold the safety and welfare of your children as our highest priority. To that end, when there is information of any potential wrongdoing on the part of an adult in our system that could potentially threaten the well-being of a child or children, we act promptly to investigate those allegations of wrongdoing. An investigation does not indicate the guilt or innocence of an individual. It is something we must do in order to protect the safety and welfare of children. It saddens me when the media convicts a person in the court of public opinion with sensational reporting of mere rumors.

We have not written to parents until now, because the act of making an investigation public before there is any determination can severely damage, even destroy, the reputation of a person being investigated. In many cases, when allegations are thoroughly investigated, the allegations are not supported by facts. Rumors grow in situations where there is limited information.  I have heard some rumors in the community that are simply wrong.  I ask you to suspend judgment.

Please know, we are working to ensure the safety of your children. If you have questions, please feel free to call the Woodland Primary office and talk with Asha Riley, Woodland Public Schools’ Director of Learning. You are also welcome to call or email me.


Michael Z. Green, Superintendent