Goal 5: Action Planning

Community outreach & involvement.

We will actively promote our District through effective, consistent and transparent communication, particularly with parents and families, instilling a sense of commitment throughout our community toward student success. Our outreach will be welcoming, inclusive, and relevant.


Over the last years, we have worked to improve communication with parents and families through the use of regular "good news" postcards, Twitter, Facebook, website, school newsletters, robo-calls, etc.   In addition ,we have offered several opportunities for two-way conversations and input from parents.  Examples of this are the Common-Core workshop, school-based curriculum nights, reconfiguration conversations.  

One deficit in our communication is reaching families whose primary language is other than English.  We have several languages represented by small numbers of students, including Russian, Ukrainian, French, native Mexican dialects, etc.   We also have a larger population of native Spanish speakers.   Currently, we work with a translation service when we meet with parents who have limited English understanding.  Additionally, we offer many documents in Spanish but it is, hit and miss.


Draft Goals for the 14-15 school year are:

1)   Improve the navigation, functionality, currency, and accuracy of the WoodlandSchools.org website.

2)   Increase our communication to native Spanish Speaking families through the translation of key documents and communications including:

  1. Student Handbooks
  2. Beginning of the Year Letters
  3. Forms
  4. Robo-call communication
  5. Other key school communication through the school year.

3)   Offer multiple learning opportunities at building and district levels for parent and family learning; e.g. family math nights.

4)   Create opportunities for parent and citizen participation in the development of plans to improve campuses for students transitions and security.

5)   Continue active communication to all stakeholders through the current means and methods.