WHS Phase 2 Change Order 2

The attached Change Order #002 includes:

  • one CCD (Change Order Directive) 
  • one COP (Change Order Proposal)
  • six COR (Change Order Requests)

A CCD is a directive to the contractor to proceed with work that is outside of the contract with exact pricing to be deterimed later (In this case, Time and materials)

A COP is a request by the owner/architecht to make changes to the scope of the contract ow work. The exact pricing is determined prior to authorization.

A COR is a request initiated by the contractor for changes in the work due to constructability challenges, or corrects/alters something in the design that may be difficult or impossible to complete.   Generally speaking, COR are based on RFI (Request for Information), which is directed from the contractor to the architect and his team to clarify something that is unclear, or in error on the plans.

The total change to the contract value of this change order is $18,997.92

All of the items included in Change Order #2 have been individually approved by the superintendent under authority granted in Policy 6950


Administrative Recommendation /MOTION/  "I move we ratify the approval of Change Order 2 for the New WHS."

Attached Files:
WHS - Change Order 002 W Attachments - 140212.pdf 5MB application/pdf