Superintendent Report

District Office Closure

The District Office will be closed all of next week and part of the following.  We will reopen on January 2nd.   Typically during this time the only business transacted is the delivery of parcels, etc.    I will be coming in on occasion to check mail, messages, etc. but I figured it better to close the office than hire a sub to sit around and knit, read, or otherwise twiddle their thumbs.  My email is posted for contact in emergency.


Yale School

In spite of delays on some of the final bits needed to complete the project it looks as if we may have an occupancy permit this week, with little parts yet to be finished prior to final close out.    The flooring has been delayed because of weather but is scheduled to arrive today (Monday) at 1:00 pm (I'm not holding my breath).   Parts for the central curtain and the last basketball hoop to be hung arrived on Friday and these bits will be installded today.  Last Friday we did a walkthrough of the building and identified things that needed to be corrected prior to final acceptance.   I have taken a photo of the interior.  It is a bit distorted, as I used "panoramic mode" to get about 210 degrees of the gym. 


High School Project


Tapani Underground is moving VERY QUICKLY on the project.  The Tapini Superintendent said that on Thursday alone the moved 19,000 cubic yards of sand!    The trucks working the project are monsters.   Each one holding 20 c.y..  They fill the truck with two to three scoops from the excavator.  

One of the first priorities is to prepare the pad for the grandstand.  The installation of Geopiers should commence before weeks end.  Underneath the areas where preloading will be necessary (the grandstand) the contractor will install settlement plates that allow surveyers to measure settlement to determine when the preload period is complete.   

In order to keep equipment from sinking into the wet naitive ground the contractor has been excavating the top soil with an excavator, rather than a stripper.   They are currently stripping the area where baseball and practce fields will be.

Of interest to the board is the Project Schedule proposed by Skanska.  They are prjecting Final Completion at the beginning of August 2015.


Paradise Point Transportation Project

this project is nearing completion.  Chuck Anderson has drafted an update.


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New WHS Project Schedule 1312.pdf 668KB application/pdf
Paradise Point Project Dec. 16 .pdf 1MB application/pdf
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