TEAM High Report

To:         Michael Green

From:    Dan Uhlenkott

RE:        TEAM High School Update

Date:     December 16, 2013        

This past month Mary Burnett and I were involved in a OSPI Webinar entitled “Truancy.”   It was very beneficial and gave us guidelines and procedures to use in dealing with students who are habitually absent.  We have instituted the new procedures immediately.   In January the topic will be “Substantially Similar.”   We do not operate any educational activities that fall under this category. 

I will be attending the OSPI Administrative Workshop on January 17 in Olympia.   This is a workshop for administrators only.  I am anticipating a lot of information in a one day workshop. 

The audit review for TEAM will be in the first part of January, an exact date has not yet been determined.  We are putting files together for the 40 students that were used as a sample. 

Elly Veyera just returned from her eye surgery, she had cataracts removed from both eyes.  She is so excited because everything is so much brighter and clearer.  She has been struggling all fall and is now able to see clearly.