CTE Report

Date:      November 21, 2013

To:          Michael Z. Green, Superintendent

From:     Cari Thomson, PhD

RE:          Summary of Teaching and Learning - CCTE

Students at Woodland High School registered through Lower Columbia College (LCC) for Career Pathway credit in November.  Students receiving credit from LCC (free of cost) through articulated CTE courses in 2012-2013 are as follows:

  • Agriculture Food and Natural Resource – 16 students
  • Human Services – 23 students
  • Information Technology – 68 students

109 students were registered for classes and 530 credits were obtained for students through Lower Columbia College as well as 52 industry certifications during the 2012-2013 academic year. 

Woodland School District has not offered any courses under the wood working CIP codes for the past nine years.  The classes are actually approved under the STEM, manufacturing, and architecture and construction CIP codes.  One thing that I forgot to mention in my presentation is that districts/schools can submit local course titles in their frameworks.  So, for years, Woodland High School has submitted a local course title of wood shop.  That may be where some confusion has been with the assumption we are offering traditional woods. 

Kim Miller’s culinary students have been selected by the Oregon Culinary Institute for the High School Ninja Competition later this month.  Additionally, culinary and floral will be catering the next Southwest Washington Association of Vocational Directors (SW WAVA) meeting in December.