WMS Report

Date:      11/21/13

To:          Michael Z. Green, Superintendent

From:     Cari Thomson, PhD

RE:          November Summary of Teaching and Learning 

During the month of November WMS staff continued to spend time on Monday mornings focusing on our building goal which is, “students will be able to access text and communicate about text.”  Staff is exploring the different text that students encounter and strategies they use to access text to make meaning.  Additionally, staff began unpacking the Common Core State Standards in English and Language Arts.  Staff is currently looking at ways to implement common annotation strategies for students across disciplines.

Math teachers at Woodland Middle School attended professional development on proportional reasoning facilitated by the district’s math coach, Heidi Rhodes.  Participants in grades 5-8 completed various math tasks to deepen their understanding of visual and mental models.  This will help instructors provide more access points for student understanding. 

The coaches have been providing staff with instructional feedback, modeling lessons, lesson development, and assisting me with professional development.  Specifically, Barb has been working with the English department as well as Kristy Podelnyk in the science department to provide targeted vocabulary and close reading strategies.  Heidi is working with the math and science department modeling lessons pertaining to linear functions and multiple representations that apply across the curricular areas.  Both coaches have been instrumental in assisting teachers on the new evaluation set professional goals. 

Students at WMS participated in the food drive for the community shelter during the month of November as well as winter sports (girls basketball and wrestling) began.  December will bring Lego Robotics first competition and they are currently studying ways to assist in emergency relief during floods in our community.  The competition is December 7 at Salmon Creek Elementary.