WHS Report

To:      Michael Green

From: John Shoup

CC:      School Board members

Date:  12/2/2013

Re:      November Review

Here is an overview of the key activities we worked on in relation to teaching and learning this month.

Monday’s:  It was very nice to designate all three of our Monday’s for department collaboration.  Dan and I were able to visit in most of these meetings and witnessed lots of good discussion about teaching and learning.

Other information:  Our school once again participated in the annual Rotary food drive.  A special shout out to our O’Ambassador club for their help in advertising and counting the food.  Dan organized a wonderful Veterans Day assembly at the beginning of the month which was very well received by staff and students.  We held Challenge Day on November 6th and it was another great day with wonderful adult volunteers as well as 120 student participants.  I am hopeful you got a chance to see the play “The Diary of Ann Frank.”  It was very well done and Heather Gordon did an outstanding job as the director.  I also wanted to highlight Mrs. Miller and her Creative Chef class for the catering of the new police stations open house.  The food was delicious and the students were well prepared and very professional in the managing of the event. 

I also wanted to note Mike Lindsay, Liz Deese and Nelean Warndahl earned recognition as a Nationally Board Certified teachers this month!  This is a wonderful accomplishment and we were thrilled to add three new staff members to our growing list of nationally certified teachers.

All is all it was a good productive month at WoodlandHigh School.