October 14, 2013 Regular Meeting Minutes



October 14, 2013 5:00PM
Regular Meeting-District Meeting Room



Jim Bays, Janice Watts, Bill Woodard, Tina Cayton, Jeremy Stuart, Tayler Summers-Student Representative, Michael Green-Secretary and Recording Secretary



Chris Lilley, Doug Nichols, Deb Kernen, Chris Wiseman, Dan Uhlenkott, Cari Thomson, Mark Houk, John Shoup, Asha Riley, Paul Cline, Don Stuart, Stacy Brown



Janice Watts moved to approve the September 23, 2013 regular meeting minutes as presented.

Tina Cayton  yes
Janice Watts  yes 
Jim Bays   yes  carried



Other Reports
The Board reviewed the reports from the various schools and departments.   There were no questions from the Board. 


*Bill Woodard arrived at the meeting at 5:02pm.

Student Representative Report
Tayler Summers reported that last week was homecoming.  Jenna Booker was Queen. The football team won against Toledo. Make a Difference Day is scheduled for October 26th.   November 6th is Challenge Day.



The District and Superintendent had no correspondence.



Director Bays asked if there were any citizens who wished to speak on non-agenda items.  No citizens rose to speak.



There were no reports or requests from Directors.



Discussion of Open Campus Policy for New WHS
Director Cayton has been asked by many companies in the industrial area who are concerned about traffic conflicts during the lunch hour with open campus, if the District will have an open campus when the new WHS opens.  John Shoup presented, from the perspective of the school administration and staff.   The general feeling is that he would like to see it closed.  With the new facility, there will be adequate seating during the lunch hour so the issue of space will not be an issue.  Shoup reported that there are some students who go out and do things they should not be doing during the lunch hour.  The High School administration does not like the constant “cat and mouse game” that they play now.  Mr. Shoup recognizes that there are businesses who like and benefit from the open campus.  Many students who leave come back with poor quality, non-nutritious foods.   Fourth period tardies are a big issue for WHS; much more than first period tardies. 

Dan concurred that given the supervision challenges, this would be much more beneficial for students.

Director Cayton expressed concern with the traffic; particularly, truck and forklift traffic during the day that could create a hazardous driving condition for students.   

Director Cayton said that a concern she has heard, is that the portion sizes of the cafeteria food are too small.   Mr. Green iterated that these are driven by calorie requirements of the federal government.

Director Bays asked Mr. Shoup why, if he feels this way, we do not currently have closed campus.  Mr. Shoup expressed that it was an issue of space, particularly in the cafeteria, and school design.

Tayler Summers said that, if you ask any student, they will tell you that they want to keep an open campus.   He expressed general student dissatisfaction with food quality as part of the rationale for his leaving campus during lunch.  Tayler said that Woodland is unique and open campus works.   With the movement of the school, the students will no longer be able to walk.    He can clearly see both sides of the issue, and in a pragmatic sense, thinks closed may be a better choice.

Board members asked if other KWRL schools had open or closed campuses.   This research had not been done, but Mr. Shoup indicated, if the Board wished, he would find out.

There was discussion among the Board about the options.  

Director Stuart shared concern about maintaining an open campus, given the distance, requirement for driving, etc.

Director Woodard expressed that it would be nice to have healthy food alternatives for the new WHS.  Perhaps external vendors.

Director Watts concurred with Mr. Shoup’s statements.

Director Bays said that he is in favor of giving students freedoms until they abuse them; then they should restrict them.  He sees the food service as a big challenge.   Particularly, in light of the more restrictive dietary guidelines.  If the ultimate decision is to close the campus, they need to be focused on quality and quantity of food.

Mr. Don Stuart was called upon by Mr. Bays, and indicated he supported a closed campus, out of concern for student safety.

Stacy Brown indicated that the lunches are restricted, but there are unlimited vegetables and fruits available.

Director Woodard indicated that there may be a change in thinking by the time WHS opens, if there are new fast food options for students.

Tayler indicated that with a diverse set of food choices, there would be a disadvantage to free and reduced lunch students who are restricted to single choices.

The Board agreed that we should do more research, and bring this back to the Board at a later date.  The Board requested that we explore options of other vendors (Subway, etc.) before this topic is brought back.  This will be placed on an agenda in October, 2014 for further review.

Annual ALE Reports
The Board had the opportunity to review the reports prior to the Board meeting.   Program administrators were available to answer questions.

Mr. Bays asked Mrs. Riley about the LRA table on self-evaluation.  Seeking understanding on “Culture of Continued Growth” in the accreditation report.   Mrs. Riley indicated that, as a first year accreditation review, this is one of the pieces that they learned they need to repeat on an annual basis.  This is something that has been implemented after the accreditation.  The accreditation report did not show this as an area of necessary weakness.

TEAM High Report:  The Board had no questions about the TEAM Report.  Mr. Uhlenkott had no additional comments.

Review of WHS Bids and Selection of Alternates
Doug Nichols reviewed the budget status with the Board; indicating that the budget schedule presented is conservative in nature.

Chris Lilley reviewed the Base Bid elements and the alternates that were part of the program.

Director Stuart asked about what was included in terms of equipment, instruments, chairs, etc.  Mr. Lilley went through the spaces and discussed what was in the base bid and what was in the furniture, fixtures, and equipment budget (FF&E)

Mr. Lilley reviewed the alternates one-by-one for the Board.

The Board discussed each of the alternates one-by-one.  President Bays polled each board member and found full consensus on six of the alternates:

Alternate A1: Auxiliary gymnasium

Alternate A3: Commons side curtain

Alternate A4a: Gym bleacher upgrade

Alternate S1: Practice Fields

Alternate S3: Exterior Batting Cages (no cover)

Alternate S5: Cross  Country Path

It was also decided that Alternate S2, Synthetic Football Field was desirable, and would be revisited once the project managers were comfortable releasing some of the building contingency.  The earthwork portion of phase 2 holds more risk than the building portion and the staff was not comfortable advising going below the 5% contingency set aside until after that portion of Phase 2 was complete.

Three items had a split vote (theater seating, stainless steel counters, and alternate theatrical lighting system).  After further discussion, all were rejected; though the Board asked for more information on the potential impact of stainless steel counters on the ability to offer more specialized CTE offerings.   CTE Director Cari Thomson was going to gather additional information and Superintendent Michael Green was going to poll the Board, if the information indicated that the counter alternate would allow increased offerings for students.

Once all of the alternates were identified, it was clear that Skanska remained the apparent lowest bidder.  The total of base bid and alternates is $43,511,000 before sales tax.

Superintendent Green shared with the Board, that the next steps in the process were to notify Skanska that they were the apparent lowest bidder, collect appropriate bond and reference information and prepare a contract with them, that would be scheduled for award at the October 28th regular meeting of the School Board.



See attached consent agenda.

Director Stuart moved to approve the consent agenda as presented.

Jeremy Stuart  yes
Tina Cayton  yes
Janice Watts  yes
Bill Woodard  yes  carried



Second Reading and approval of Policy Nos. 2190, 2195, 2410, 2413, 3240 and 3412

Director Woodard moved to approve Policy Nos. 2190, 2195, 2410, 2413, 3240 and 3412 as presented.

Jeremy Stuart  yes
Tina Cayton  yes
Janice Watts yes
Bill Woodard  yes  carried

Approval of CCD #3
CCD#3 was presented by Superintendent Green who explained that this change was necessitated by unexpectedly wet conditions in September, that created soil instability at the KWRL Paradise Point site.   In order to provide for adequate compaction that  is required to support the asphalt parking lot, soils would be amended with concrete.  The cost of the CCD, as with all costs associated with the project, would be borne proportionally by the four districts of the cooperative.

Director Watts moved to approve CCD#3 as presented.

Jeremy Stuart  yes
Tina Cayton  yes
Janice Watts yes
Bill Woodard  yes  carried



President, Jim Bays, recessed the meeting into executive session at 6:49pm. The purpose of the executive session was to discuss the performance of an employee under RCW 42.30.110(1)(g).

President, Jim Bays, closed the executive session and the regular meeting was  called back to order at 7:00.  



President, Jim Bays, adjourned the meeting of the Board of Directors at 7:00pm.



Secretary to the Board







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