Woodland Welcomes All-day, Everyday Kindergarten

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At the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year, Woodland Primary School and Yale Elementary implemented all-day, everyday Kindergarten for our earliest learners. Research shows that full-day kindergarten better prepares students, both academically and emotionally, for school. Full-day kindergarten gives children more time in a structured setting which may enhance their social, emotional, and behavioral development.

“We are pleased that all-day kindergarten is now available to all of our students and that the district will not have to foot a portion of the bill or pass the cost on to families,” said Superintendent Michael Green. The District was notified that the state would fund full day kindergarten in Woodland in August 2013, just before the beginning of the school year.

The district is training teachers on how to best use the entire day for student learning and also help first, second and third grade teachers sustain the gains kindergartners achieve from being in school all day.

This year Woodland is staffing 7 full time kindergarten teachers; therefore, additional classrooms were established to accommodate for growth.

It is a top priority of the district to provide all children with a rich opportunity to be well  prepared as they enter first grade. Students in full-day, everyday kindergarten tend to be better prepared for primary-grade learning than those in half-time programs.

Legislation mandates that, by school year 2017-2018, full-day kindergarten be fully implemented through Washington State. “Full-time kindergarten is the right thing to do for kids,” said Green, “and Woodland is getting an early start.”