First Reading of Revisions to Policy Nos. 1400, 2151, 3210, 3246, 3432, 4260, 4310, 6030, 6220

Attached are nine policy revision recommendations for consideration.


Policy 1400  MEETING CONDUCT, ORDER OF BUSINESS AND QUORUM  introduces the option of electronic attendance at board meetings.  Also, it includes prohibition of use of electronic methods of discussion of agenda items during the meeting.

Policy 2151 INTERSCHOLASTIC ACTIVITIES calls out use of marajuana.  Previously this was lumped into illegal drugs.

Policy 3210 NONDISCRIMINATION modifies our policy to comport with current state and federal law.

Policy 3246 USE OF ISOLATION, RESTRAINT, RESTRAINT DEVICES, AND ISOLATION reflect clarification and chages to state law and is reflective of current practice.

Policy 3432 EMERGENCIES reflects changes to requirements in WAC.

Policy 4260 USE OF SCHOOL FACILITIES reflects requirements in federal law.

Policy 4310 DISTRICT RELATIONSHIPS WITH LAW ENFORCEMENT AND OTHER GOVERNMENTAL AGENCIES includes a chage in title and supporting statute references.

Policy 6030 FINANCIAL REPORTS Includes reference to a statutorially required report on transparency.

Policy 6220 BID REQURIEMENTS specifies the levels established in statute for bid requirements.



Attached Files:
1400 draft 10-14-13.pdf 150KB application/pdf
2151draft 10-14-13.pdf 136KB application/pdf
3210 draft 10-14-13.pdf 185KB application/pdf
3246 draft 10-14-13.pdf 153KB application/pdf
3432 draft 10-14-13.pdf 296KB application/pdf
4260 draft 10-14-13.pdf 201KB application/pdf
4310 draft 10-14-13.pdf 276KB application/pdf
6030 draft 10-14-13.pdf 225KB application/pdf
6220 draft 10-14-13.pdf 351KB application/pdf