Culminating Project - General Overview

Freshmen Year

  1. Presentation with Visual Aid
    1. Required for CP
    2. Taught and assessed in PE 9/Health (Students can “pass” this requirement in other classes after initial attempt in English 9)

Sophomore Year

  1. Presentation w/ Multimedia (See Tech. Skills)
    1. Required for CP
    2. Taught and assessed in English 10

Junior Year

  1. Research career or interest area
    1. Taught/assessed in Junior English
    2. Required for CP
  2. Presentation with technology
    1. Taught and assessed in History 11
    2. Required for CP
  3. Electronic acknowledgement and submission for 20 service hours that may be divided up to three organizations.
    1. Required for CP
    2. Acknowledgement and submission should be completed by the end of the junior year.
    3. Four necessary components
      1. Will benefit someone other than student, their immediate family or a 'for profit' business.
      2. Must be done outside regular school day.
      3. No payment received for services provided.
      4. Take photos showing proof of service.

Senior Year

  1. Service hours completed on student's own time
    1. Required for CP
  2. Completed community service parent consent form.
  3. Reflection Paper on student's own time
    1. Required for CP
    2. Written after service hours are completed.
  4. Presentation to Panel (service, high school career and future plans)
    1. Required for CP
    2. Panel minimum of approximately three judges.
    3. Seven to forteen minutes in length.
    4. Electronic piece (technology).
    5. Professional attire. (Dressing for an interview)


  1. Transfer students will be required to complete components from the point of entry.
  2. Required mastery at each level before moving to next.