First Reading of Revisions to policy 1400

At our last meeting we discussed a temporary change to the scheduled start time of our regular board meeting.   I have reviewed the State code on Open Public Meetings (RCW 42.30.070, below) and the current policy 1400.   There are two different options that the board can consider:


1)   Amend policy 1400 to establish the earlier time in a defined window between July and the first meeting in September.


2)   Have the chair declare the meeting time earlier and follow the posting requirements for special meetings, (which we meet by the electronic posting we currently do)


 I believe that a simple suspension of the policy may not technically a legal option for us to consider.  I also think that the chair determining an earlier start-time is not as clear and defensibly transparent as a policy change.  I am therefore recommending a temporary modification to policy 1400.


Please see attached policy for your consideration.


RCW 42.30.070
Times and places for meetings — Emergencies — Exception.

The governing body of a public agency shall provide the time for holding regular meetings by ordinance, resolution, bylaws, or by whatever other rule is required for the conduct of business by that body. Unless otherwise provided for in the act under which the public agency was formed, meetings of the governing body need not be held within the boundaries of the territory over which the public agency exercises jurisdiction. If at any time any regular meeting falls on a holiday, such regular meeting shall be held on the next business day. If, by reason of fire, flood, earthquake, or other emergency, there is a need for expedited action by a governing body to meet the emergency, the presiding officer of the governing body may provide for a meeting site other than the regular meeting site and the notice requirements of this chapter shall be suspended during such emergency. It shall not be a violation of the requirements of this chapter for a majority of the members of a governing body to travel together or gather for purposes other than a regular meeting or a special meeting as these terms are used in this chapter: PROVIDED, That they take no action as defined in this chapter.




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