Welcome to Woodland School District's Early Intervention Pre-school Program

Child Screenings Available at Woodland School District

Woodland Schools provide FREE screening services throughout the school year for children 3-5 years old who have not entered kindergarten.  If you have concerns about your child in the following areas: hearing, vision, cognitive, school readiness, self help, social skills, speech, language, and motor development,  please call the Special Services Office at 360.841.2720.  The results are confidential and are discussed with the parents after the screenings.

How do I find out if my child needs the Early Intervention Program?

Anyone can call the Woodland School District at 360.841.2720 to ask for a screening. It’s provided free of charge.

After the Screening has taken place, the information is used to determine if further evaluation is needed. If further testing is needed, a referral form is completed, pertinent information and forms (including a consent form) are given to the parent and a formal evaluation is scheduled.

What is an Early Intervention Program?

After the evaluation process is completed, it may be determined that your child has a significant delay in an area of their development. A team of Specialists meet and determine what kind of programming may best meet their unique needs. Programming may include individual therapy programs or the district's classroom program. If a child is already enrolled in a private preschool program, interventions may be provided within that setting.

The District's Early Intervention Preschool Program was developed in 1985 and has a long history of working with children with developmental delays. Staff are well trained (Certified Teacher and a Para-Professional) and strive to maintain a "typical" preschool atmosphere. The curriculum used in the program is the Creative Curriculum and instruction is given both individually, small group and whole class. The Preschool follows an Inclusive Model, including District Staff children, for peer role modeling.