LRA Report

April 3, 2013

TO:     Michael Green, Superintendent
FROM:            Asha Riley

RE: Lewis River Academy

Multi District Provider Application Update:

We are so thrilled to announce we have been formally granted multi-district provider status for next year! I have attached the formal letter from Supt. Dorn informing us of our successful completion of the process. I am especially grateful to staff for ensuring every aspect of our program was well prepared for the audit. As a result of this process we can now begin to expand our program within the region. I still believe it is best practice to limit enrollment within a one hour radius of Woodland to ensure successful support can be provided to families. There is a lot of potential to serve a large number of K-8 students in the area as most local alternative programs only serve 8-12 grades. My next step will be to work with Stacey to develop inter-district agreements I can then go and present to other local Superintendents in the area.

Spring Conferences:

At Lewis River Academy the parents and teachers collaborate weekly, each family receiving a progress report every Sunday and in some cases daily. Therefore, our conferences with families were less about discussing student progress this year but rather more focused on planning for next year.  As you know the state requires our teachers to have a Student Learning Plan in place before students begin their study on the first day of school. Therefore, the teachers discussed the student learning plan for each student with each family and filed it away for next year. This way our families can hit the ground running on first day of school. 

Measure of Student Progress Testing Plans:

This year we will have around 17 students in grades 3-8 taking the state test. This poses a bit of a challenge to us as we need to keep our current classroom open for our high school students on the same days as testing.  I am currently working with the other principals to find a second location for our students to test in.  Unfortunately, most of the typically available spaces will be occupied by their students for testing as well. We may end up partnering with the church across from the high school to use their reception hall. 

Attached Files:
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