Yale Report

April 3, 2013

TO:     Michael Green, Superintendent
FROM:            Asha Riley

RE: Yale

Increasing Enrollment:

Over the past couple weeks we have had a couple of families moving to the Yale area from Yacolt with the addition of several students. Our head count at Yale school has now reached 49 students. I am not sure if the failure to pass the Levy for Battle Ground School District might have influenced families or not.  It will be interesting to watch and see how the results of the second vote affect families in Yacolt. In the meantime I have set up a meeting with the teachers to brainstorm what additional support we might offer them.  It has become a challenge for them to address all three grade levels with the increased number of students.

Student Conferences:

Conferences went well with a majority of families attending conferences. The teachers were pleased with number of families attending conference to show their support of their child’s education. We are grateful for their partnership with us.