Allocation of Additional Woodland Public School Land for Expansion of the KWRL Facility

As the development of the design for the modernized and expanded KWRL facility is progressing, it is anticipated that additional area will be needed for the operations center and Parking.  The most logical option is to expand the facility to the south of the current site, encroaching onto the current JV Softball field.  The option of shifting the current field to the south has been considered but doing so will impact the usability of the JV Baseball field and the Soccer field.  The preferred option is to move the JV softball field from its current location to the field between the Primary School and TEAM High School.

In order to proceed with planning the project the Woodland School Board will need to grant approval for the southward expansion of the facility and conditioning the allocation of land on the relocation of the softball field, fencing, and dugouts to the preferred location.  It is expected that the southward movement of the facility will be as shown HERE.

As development is continued, it may be necessary to encroach deeper into the area currently occupied by the softball field; but, is not anticipated to impact other fields, including the soccer, varsity softball, and baseball fields.  In the event of dissolution of the Co-op, all land and facilities revert to the ownership of the Woodland School District.

Administrative Recommendation /MOTION/ "I move we approve the allocation of additional land to be used for the benefit of the KWRL Cooperative; conditioned upon the Coop relocating the current JV softball field to the desired location between the Primary School and TEAM High School.

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KWRL Site Plan.pdf 385KB application/pdf
Softball Primary School Location.pdf 84KB application/pdf
Softball Shifted South.pdf 124KB application/pdf