WPS Report


TO:                 Michael Green, Superintendent

FROM:           Mark Houk     

RE:                 WPS MONTHLY UPDATE-February  2013

Kindergartner Families Registering

This month marks the time when we invite area pre-schools, daycare students and parents to see Woodland Primary School as they ready to register for KG in the Fall.

We hosted close to 60 guests in three different sessions – and all had a chance to be picked up and ride the big yellow schoolbus as part of their tour.

School Safety

Our revised Evacuation Plan continues to work in making us more effective in this area.

Additionally, parents and community have been overwhelmingly supportive of our locking of exterior doors, and enforced drop-off/pick-up policies.  We still have much work to do in practicing and remaining diligent in our efforts to provide the safest school setting possible.


Our month was made complete when the Kelso School District Extreme Team put on an assembly at our school.  This action-oriented program had 1st-5th grade students demonstrating a variety of stunts involving tumbling, juggling, and unicycling. 

Our student body and staff were energized by this awesome exhibition – AND, many of the skills and movements highlighted were ones that our WPS students are beginning to learn/practice as part of our own PE curriculum! 

Thank You Schoolboard!

Our thanks to board members, Janice Watts and Jeremy Stuart, for spending part of a day on the WPS campus this month!  Our school team appreciates the continued interest taken in our school operations by all board members!