School Visitation Schedules

The board is scheduled to visit schools on Wednesday, February 27th and Monday, March 11th.

Looking at schedules of the schools it makes the most sense to visit schools on the following schedule:

Wed 2/27
Woodland Intermediate
Woodland Primary
Lewis River Academy

The only time constraint is with Lewis River Academy.  Ideally they woudl love board members to arrive at 8:45 for brief introduction/orientation.  Then at 9:00 they have an open lab that will give you the opportunity to see their direct work with students.

Attached is a schedule of options for Woodland Intermediate.  A schedule for Woodland Primary will be posted once it is received by me.

Monday 3/11
Woodland Middle School
Woodland High School
TEAM High School

Monday is a late start day and so you will have the opportunity to visit/observe some team collaboration work in our Middle School.    Because of the structure of the school day at the MS/HS level there is a good bit of flexibility in the visits on this day.  At the board meeting let's discuss what you wish to see so we can plan that schedule appropriately.

9:00-9:30 - Coffee and snack in  the library for the board and staff to mingle and chat with Middle School Staff
9:40-10:30, divide into groups perhaps classes to visit will be digital arts, Legos, and possibly math

10:35-11:21 divide into groups and visit science and math and band

11:21-11:45     Visit with office staff and close

TEAM  HS 11:45-12:15

12: 15 Eat and then transition to the HS. 

1:00:  Meet w/HS staff during the HS staff lunch time in Library

1:35-2:20: Visit classrooms

2:25-3:15 : Visit more classrooms

3:15-3:30: Closing reception in the library for MS and HS staff that didn't get a chance to visit with them during the day.

Attached Files:
WIS Visit Schedule-revised.pdf 183KB application/pdf
WPS Board visit schedule.pdf 270KB application/pdf