Director of Learning Report

To: Michael Green
From: Asha Riley

RE: Director of Learning Report

Common Core Math Training: This month all K-6 teachers and 7-12 math teachers participated in a two-day training on the common core math standards. This was our first step in preparing staff to implement the standards. The focus of the training was primarily on the instructional focus of the standards.  We looked at 8 mathematical practices the standards expect students to exhibit. These practices include,  making sense of problems and persevering in solving them, reasoning abstractly and quantitatively, constructing viable arguments and critiquing reasoning of others, modeling with math, using appropriate tools strategically, attending to precision, making use of structure, and expressing regularity in repeated reasoning.

We were very fortunate to have Jacob Bruno, a national trainer, donate his expertise and time for this training. He just happened to be a local Woodland resident looking to give to his local school district. He did an excellent job, and we are so grateful for his time and talent.  The staff walked away with good insights and practical steps they can begin taking in their classrooms this year.