LRA Report

TO:         Michael Green, Superintendent
Asha Riley

RE: Lewis River Academy Monthly Update

Field Trips: As our parents are always seeking new experiences for their home-study kids, we were excited this month to have two special trips organized for them. First, was a trip to King Tut Exhibit in Seattle. We had 50 students and parents attend and we had a wonderful time learning together about ancient history. Our second field trip was to Chief Lelooska's to learn about Native American culture and history. These were both great ties to our social studies programs.

Science: At our first parent partnership forum, many of our parents expressed their continued interest in doing science together as a group on campus. Many of the families find science content difficult to explain and the experiments are often avoided due to the mess. Therefore, I have ordered the academy FOSS Kits and on Wednesday we have consistently had a large group of K-8 kids coming to campus to participate in these classes. Space has been a little tight, but our neighboring Kindergarten classroom is not in use on Wednesdays and the teacher has generously allowed us to use her space to hold these science lessons.

Kids for Kids Book Project: Kim has been working with a local publisher on a project called Kids for Kids. In this program each child is publishing their own narrative about what their school day looks like at home.  Once the students complete the writing process and produce a final draft each story will be included in a book published for the families of LRA. She is using this as an opportunity to invite more families to come in and work on writing with her. The kids have been very excited about sharing their school day, and Kim is using this as an opportunity to provide additional writing instruction to students.