WPS Report

November 5, 2012

TO:                 Michael Green, Superintendent
Mark Houk    
RE:                 WPS MONTHLY UPDATE

Measles Update

Our school team worked very decisively and proactively when word of possible Measles emerged the week of Halloween.  Following directions from the County Health Department, district health staff Lucy Russell, and Debbie Shoup along with our office secretaries screened all 600 student files in our school, making sure immunization status was clear.  Part way through this process, we were informed that we had a confirmed case of Measles, thus raising the sense of alert - at that time, we personally contacted every family who had declared "Exempt" status (about 35 in all), as well as those families who needed a second MMR vaccine (about 12-15 in all).  And we coordinated with the Health Department to facilitate a free Shot Clinic set for Monday at our school for students needing their second MMR vaccine.

THEN, Late Friday afternoon we were informed by the Health Department that our confirmed case of Measles was in fact a "Negative" finding, meaning all students were safe to return to school on Monday.  The Health Department also said they felt no need to stage a free Shot Clinic and that we should refer families to their provider.

I share this piece because when we all woke up on Saturday morning; the newspaper had either received or printed inaccurate information....... Sure enough saying that Measles case was negative, but that a free Shot Clinic was going to be offered at our school.  This after we had spent Friday night re-contacting families to share that there would be no Shot Clinic.

This necessitated additional communication on Saturday using an automatic phone call to families.

Lucy/Debbie/Carey Sweyer, and Shawna are to be commended, as they dropped everything and worked long hours to collaborate in making sure we were screening and contacting the correct families when a very real health threat appeared imminent.  The Cowlitz County Health Department was a terrific partner as well, maintaining flexibility and support throughout.  

Common Core Standards Staff Learning

I want to share appreciation with Asha Riley for bringing initial learning experiences in the upcoming National Standards this early Fall.  Through Jacob Bruno and Math thinking, as well as Asha's presentation and organization of English/Language Arts Standards, teaching staff has been introduced to this "next step" in education expectations.

And, our staff teams have chosen to become engaged in the learning to date - and I thank them all for that effort.