Consideration of Adding Design of Turf Field to Scope

As we look toward the future of the Woodland High School stadium there are good reasons for us to consider installing a turf field, either at opening or in the foreseeable future. The purpose of this agenda item will be to discuss with the board three different options for consideration: 1) Do nothing... Stay with a grass field and when the time comes retrofit the field for a turn field. Retrofitting will involve removing the concrete curb barrier, (typically an 8 inch deep curb profile), replacing the curb with a typical residential curb profile, ( typically 16-18 inches deep). Retrofitting may also require deepening the drainage a few inches from a typical grass field. 2) Stay with a Grass Field, but design and install residential profile curbing around the track (abt. $10/linear foot additional) and install drainage at an appropriate depth for a future field) The total cost of these additions would likely be about $25,000. There will be no additional fee for design of these elements... (as the landscape architect says... "electrons are free, no real additional design is necessary" 3) Do #2, plus design a turf field and bid as an additive bid alternate. The design fees will be $25,647