Accept Recommendations for Special Consultants and Engineers for bond related projects

Doug Nichols, Chris Lilley, and Michael Green reviewed submitted Statements of Qualifications and came to agreement on the recommendation to the board for acceptance of the following Special consultants for bond related projects.

  • Geotechnical Services–Columbia West Engineering, Inc
  • Special Inspection and Testing Services (Soil testing) — Columbia West Engineering, Inc
  • Land Survey Services — HDJ Design Group
  • Traffic Engineering Services — HDJ Design Group
  • Wetland Consulting Services — Ecological Land Services, inc.

These firms statements of qualifications are attached.

Board Policy 6925 ( calls for the board to enter into contracts with architects and engineers.  I am also seeking delegation of the authority to negotiate and sign contracts with these special consultants and engineers. The board will be notified of these contracts as they are executed.

Administrative Recommendation /MOTION/ I move we accept the superintendent's recommendation for special consultants, as presented; and that he be authorized to negotiate and sign contracts, on the boards behalf, for necessary services with these firms.

Attached Files:
ColumbiaWest GeoTech.pdf 2 application/pdf
Columbia West Special Inspection and Testing.pdf 3 application/pdf
ELS SOQ.pdf 6 application/pdf
HDJ Survey.pdf 383 application/pdf
HDJ Traffic.pdf 495 application/pdf