Special Services Report

To:  Michael Green
From:  Deb Kernen
Date:   May 2, 2012

Re:  May Special Services Monthly Update

This year approximately 35 of our special education juniors and senior students have taken field trips to the following campuses:

Lower Columbia College

Clark College

Job Corps-Troutdale

Everest College

The intent of the visit is to inform and expose students to the post high school educational opportunities/choices they have in our local area.  The field trip to the college campuses allows students to get a tour of the campus, meet with the person in charge of the department of disabilities to get information on how they can be supported through assistive technology and tutoring while attending school.  They also have a chance to select certain classes they want to visit and areas of interest that a professor will speak about.  Job Corps is an additional option for students who wish to go right into a paid on-the-job training program that includes housing.

Last night we had a representative from the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation meet with a number of our Partners in Transition (PIT) parents and young adults. The purpose of the meeting was to provide the necessary information for them to begin the process of transitioning to the state job training program to acquire supported employment.     We have 5 PIT families that will be accessing these services as they will be exiting at 21 years old next month.  The students have built some great job skills these last 2 years and are fully ready for the next step.  We will be hosting a small "send off" for them on June 4 at 6:30 in the High School Commons.  They will be returning to their home districts for formal graduation.  We will be welcoming 8 new PIT students from La Center, Ridgefield, Hockinson and Kalama next fall.  Woodland will transition 2 into the program.  As they say....you build it... they will come.......