LRA Report

April 28, 2012

TO:                 Michael Green, Superintendent
Asha Riley

RE: Lewis River Academy

ALE Diplomas and the Military: In previous year's students receiving diplomas from alternative schools faced challenges when seeking to enter the military. ALE diplomas used to be considered Tier II diplomas by the military and only about 10% of all recruits were accepted from Tier II schools. This month we contacted Maureen Meisner at the main Army recruiting office. She verified the following change will be implemented on 7/1/12. The military will now be accepting diplomas from all high schools, including Alternative Learning Experiences (TEAM and LRA). ALE diplomas will no longer be considered Tier II diplomas.

There is a link to an article is below with more information and the text from a pertinent section of the law: 

"The National Defense Authorization Act, which was passed into law provides for the equal treatment of secondary school graduates based on their resident state's rules. The deadline for the Secretary of Defense to have a recruitment policy reflecting this law is approximately 7/1/12 or 180 days after the law went into effect on 12/31/11."