Second Reading and Approval of Policy Nos. 1310, 2022, 2255, 3413, 4260, and 5252

With the exception of policy 1310 these policies are as presented at first reading.   Policy 1310 was modified from first reading to include the requirement that the superintendent notify the board of any non-substantive changes made to policy.

Policy 2410, and Policy 6220 which you saw at first reading have been pulled from second reading and placed for a second first reading as there were substantive changes to each that the district just received last week.

 Administrative Recommendation /MOTION/  I move to adopt policies 1310, 2022, 2255, 3413, 4260, and 5252 as presented

Attached Files:
1310-final.pdf 127 application/pdf
2022-final.pdf 182 application/pdf
2255-final.pdf 156 application/pdf
3413-final.pdf 142 application/pdf
4260-final.pdf 193 application/pdf
5252-final.pdf 54 application/pdf