Policy Updates: First Reading Policy Nos. 1310, 2022, 2255, 2410, 3413, 4260, 5252 (new), 6220

Policy 1310—Policy Adoption, Manuals, and Administrative Procedures

Authorizes the superintendent to make editorial revisions and changes in administrative, legal, and/or cross references without board approval.,  an example of such change would be those found in policy 3413.


Policy 2022—Electronic Resources

Inserts a paragraph in compliance with new Federal Guidance.


Policy 2255—Alternative Learning Experience Program

The changes align the policy more closely with the WSSDA recommendation.  Currently our policy and procedure are rolled into a single policy.  With changes coming in procedural aspects of the program on a regular basis it makes more sense, in my thinking, to separate policy and procedure, making compliance related change more streamlined.


Policy 2410—High School Graduation Requirements

Changes to reflect changes in math and science assessment requirements for the class of 2015 and beyond.


Policy 3413—Student Immunization and Life-threatening Health Conditions

Made corrections to legal references and addition of new WAC Title.  Also made spelling correction in Immunizations paragraph.


Policy 4260—Use of School Facilities

The primary change to this policy is the inclusion of a statement of non-discrimination.  Additionally there is some clarification of the Level 3 category of users.


Policy 5252—Staff Participation in Political Activities

This Policy has existed in the WSSDA recommended policies for many years but has never been adopted by Woodland Public Schools.  It comports with State Administrative Policy. And provides a reference for staff and community members regarding appropriate, and inappropriate participation of staff in political activities.


Policy 6220—Bid Requirements

Per the Consolidated Program Review of Federally Funded Programs this policy needed to be updated to include reference to EDGAR Federal Procurement Requirements.


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