Policy Updates: First Reading

Attached are several policies recommended for revision by WSSDA:


Policy 1610: Conflicts of Interest

When Woodland became a Class 1 District in 2007 this policy was not updated.  As well, WSSDA has updated language for the purpose of clarity.


Policy 2411: Certificate of Educational competency

The changes reflect increased clarity and comply with revised WAC.


Policy 3122: Excused and Unexcused Absences          

State law requires that all districts use a uniform description of excused absences.   This policy change reflects that state definition.


Policy 3140: Release of Resident Students

Reflects changes to reporting requirements.


Policy 5201: Drug-Free Schools, Community and Workplace

Reflects expanded definition of "Workplace"


Policy 5404: Family, Maternity and Military Caregiver Leave

Reflects statutory changes to the Family Leave statutes, addressing Maternity and Military leave.


Policy 6890: State Environmental Policy Act Compliance

Reflects statutory changes and provides clarity.


Policy 6950: Contractor Assurances, Surety Bonds, and Insurance

Cleans up language and allows the superintendent to authorize some change orders on capital projects.

Attached Files:
1610-REV.pdf 71 application/pdf
2411-REV.pdf 73 application/pdf
3122-REV.pdf 96 application/pdf
3140-REV.pdf 54 application/pdf
5201-REV.pdf 94 application/pdf
5404-REV.pdf 106 application/pdf
6890-REV.pdf 151 application/pdf
6950-REV.pdf 102 application/pdf