WPS Report

March 2012

TO:                 Michael Green, Superintendent
Mark Houk     

 RE:                 WPS MONTHLY UPDATE

As we wrap up and prepare for Spring Break, below I have highlighted just a "few" of the goings on around WPS this March:

Despite more than the usual late starts/school delays, our staff worked together to keep moving forward with students.  An example of cooperation among our team, was the schedule we ran during our Conference Week.  All Specialists (Library/PE/Music) took on extra classes in order to provide some needed planning time that had been missed by 3rd grade and some others due to our delayed starts.  EVERYONE jumped up and adjusted to make this possible, so our teams could continue with quality, planned instruction!

Also, as we ended the month, Spring Conferences and the sending home of Report Cards took center stage.  Staff Teams worked hard to get with families who needed or wanted conference time.  This time of year, many crucial conversations take place at our level, as we have developed student data, implemented some interventions and now clearly know if a student is making adequate progress or not.  Lots of brainstorming, and partnering with parents/students to see how much progress can be made this last 50 days or so of school!    

Toward the end of the month, our Certificated Staff  spent some time in an exercise to identify school "safety" issues around WPS............I plan to do a similar exercise with our support staff, and custodial/maintenance folks, so that we can put together and highlight "priorities" for our building in this area.  More to come as we develop further.

It was our privilege to receive two donated bicycles from the Woodland/Kalama Masons in recognition of top readers in our AR Program to date this year.  2nd grader Joran Lamoreaux and 3rd grader Aliya Koistinen received bikes!  Both students had family members present as they were recognized!

Finally, I thoroughly enjoyed sharing Hot Chocolate with several students selected for Beaver Kit Awards this month...............These are small slips of paper that any staff member can allow a student to fill out and turn in at the office in recognition for a "special" effort made at Being Safe, Responsible, Respectful, or Making a Good Decision anywhere around school!