Director of Learning Report

April 3, 2011

TO: Michael Green, Superintendent

FROM:  Asha Riley

RE: Director of Learning Report

Ruby Payne Book Study: This month our principals began a 10 week study to understand students of poverty. Most of our study will center on Ruby Payne's work in her book A Framework for Understanding Poverty.  In Woodland we have seen a rise in the number of students who face conditions of poverty and it is affecting their ability to be successful in our schools. The purpose of this study is first to understand what challenges our students of poverty face. After this study we'll begin evaluating what services and supports we offer to help students with these challenges and look at other ways we can help these students be successful.

CCSS Grant: I received word last week we received the Grant to begin developing plan to implement the Common Core Standards. At the K-20 conference OSPI explained the funds are to be used to send a team of 6 staff members (1 district administrator, 1 principal, 4 teachers) to six days of training this Spring. At these trainings the team will not only learn more about the standards, they will also develop an implementation plan.

Assessments: The HSPE, WAAS DAPE, and Portfolio assessments in our high school classrooms were all completed last month and shipped. We are now gearing up for the upcoming MSP in grades 3-8 in May.