Special Services Report

To:  Michael Green
From:  Deb Kernen
Date:  March 30, 2012
Re:  April Special Services Monthly Update

As you recall WIS is in Step 2 of not making AYP.   Because of that we are required to set aside 20 % of our Title 1 budget for Supplemental Educational Services (SES).  This equates to $66,000 which would serve approximately 50 students. 

We offered an SES enrollment window in Oct/Nov and had 12 students sign up for tutoring.  The second window closed last month and we had another 18 students enroll.   We are working with 5 different vendors providing the services.  Out of the 30 students currently being served 12 of them are being tutored through ESD 112 Excel program that contracts with 2 of our own teachers (Tara Eilts and Veronica Heller) to provide the tutoring after school at WIS.   The other students are being tutored in their homes by the other vendors.  Parents are able choose Reading or Math as the areas of tutoring. A pre and post-test is required for all students and they also are responsible for completing a Student Learning Plan that is approved by us prior to starting services.  So far I am happy to report that our office has been able to adjust and flex to implementing this program and things seem to be running rather smoothly.  Hopefully this will translate into improving student performance. 

Side note:  Washington has applied for a waiver to the requirements of No Child Left Behind and should know by May 15th if approved by the feds.  If approved SES would no longer be required along with a host of other school improvement requirements/penalties.    More later.............