DISTRICT INFORMATION Posted Apr 24, 2017, 3:13:14 PM: TRAFFIC ALERT: Please plan for possible traffic delays both on your way to morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up as a result of the grand opening of Ilani Casino in Ridgefield. Parking lot overflow is causing delays to both Interstate-5 and the surrounding side streets. This traffic may also cause delays to KWRL bus routes causing buses to be late picking up and/or dropping off your students.

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School Board
Sarah Stuart   sarah.stuart@woodlandschools.org  
Janice Watts   janice.watts@woodlandschools.org  
Lesa Beuscher   lesa.beuscher@woodlandschools.org  
Matt Donald   matt.donald@woodlandschools.org  
Steve Madsen   steve.madsen@woodlandschools.org  
Michael Green   greenm@woodlandschools.org 360.841.2700
Admin Team
Asha Riley Assistant Superintendent, LRA Principal rileya@woodlandschools.org 360.841.2700
Ingrid Colvard WPS/Yale Principal colvardi@woodlandschools.org 360-841-2900
Steve Carney WIS Principal carneys@woodlandschools.org 360.841.2750
Jake Hall WMS Principal hallj@woodlandschools.org 360.841.2850
Angela Campbell WMS Assistant Principal & Athletic Director campela@woodlandschools.org 360.841.2850
John Shoup WHS Principal shoupj@woodlandschools.org 360.841.2800
Dan Uhlenkott TEAM Principal/WHS Assistant Principal uhlenkod@woodlandschools.org 360.841.2800
Paul Huddleston Athletic Director huddlesp@woodlandschools.org 360.841.2800
Deb Kernen Special Services Director kernend@woodlandschools.org 360.841.2720
Stacy Brown Business Manager brownst@woodlandschools.org 360.841.2710
Scott Landrigan Director of Facilities and Safety landrigs@woodlandschools.org 360.841.2741
Steve Rippl Technology Director rippls@woodlandschools.org 360.841.2730
District Office
District Office   DistrictOffice@woodlandschools.org 360.841.2700
Vicky Barnes HR Manager/Distict Office Manager barnesv@woodlandschools.org 360.841.2702
Nicole Galloway Executive Secretary gallowan@woodlandschools.org 360.841.2703
Sarah Hadaller District Office Secretary / Teaching & Learning Secretary hadalles@woodlandschools.org 360.841.2708
Jody Brentin District Registrar brentinj@woodlandschools.org


Business Office
Stephanie Patterson Accounts Payable patterss@woodlandschools.org 360.841.2710
Carol Wood Payroll woodc@woodlandschools.org 360.841.2710
Chrissy Oliver Business Services Assistant oliverc@woodlandschools.org 360.841.2713
School Offices
Primary School   WPSOffice@woodlandschools.org 360.841.2900
Yale School   YLEOffice@woodlandschools.org 360.231.4246
Intermediate School   WISOffice@woodlandschools.org 360.841.2750
Middle School   WMSOffice@woodlandschools.org 360.841.2850
High School   WHSOffice@woodlandschools.org 360.841.2800
TEAM School   TEAMOffice@woodlandschools.org 360.841.2740

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