TEAM High Report

To:         Michael Green
From:    Dan Uhlenkott
RE:        TEAM High School Update
Date:     April 9, 2012 

During the middle of March, students took the state assessments for writing and reading.  There were two days of writing and one day of reading.  After the first day when I asked the students how they did on the writing, they thought they did well.  After the second day of writing they were not as confident.  Students expressed to me that they did not feel as well prepared for the reading portion.  Jim and I have discussed this and he will be using a different strategy next year.  

We received results back on the Math Mid-year End-of-Course Exams.  We were disappointed that only four students out of twenty one passed this assessment.  The Math End-of-Course Exams will be administered again the end of May.  After spring break, Aaron will be giving the math students practice questions as a review for the assessment.