Student Representative Report

Katie is unable to join us for the board meeting.  She did send the following notes for the board to review:


Primary School: Family Night at 6:30 on Friday they are calling it "We Care Sports" its basically going to be doing movement activities such as juggling, throwing and catching a ball, etc.
High School: We have a "W" club I dont know if you board members know about that but Paul and all of us kids in the club are trying to round up 40 to 50 classmates that have lettered in a sport to participate in Miracle Leauge. Its a few baseball teams of kids ages i think from 5 to 18 who have Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, autism, etc. We are going to play baseball with them and basically just make a comfortable emviroment for them to have fun and be themselves. This is happening on Saturday, June 2. We have another meeting on it i believe this month so i can and will get back to you with lost more information. Mr. Blackwelders kids are a part of the baseball team and he is the one who introduced us to the idea.