LRA Report

March 7, 2012

TO:                 Michael Green, Superintendent
Asha Riley

RE: Lewis River Academy Monthly Update

Enrollment:  I am pleased to report enrollment is picking up and we currently have 50 students (twice what we had when we started the year) registered to attend next fall with more coming.

Home schooling and home study communities working together:

 I am pleased to report a number of homeschool families are joining our home-study events and therefore becoming more and more interested in LRA. Mr. Knudson has done a nice job welcoming both groups to his science labs, field trips (at their own expense) and Monday night meetings. Often our home-study (LRA) families are close friends with home-school (not affiliated with school) families so maintaining positive relationships with them is important for the success of our program. I appreciate Mr. Knudson's efforts here!

WALA: Mr. Knudson recently attended a Washington Alternative Learning Association meeting to learn about new is alternative education. According to the information he received we are well on our way to being a multidistrict provider as we are properly operating according to all state guidance. We will begin collecting evidences of our program procedures for the state application this Spring and submit our application next January. In the meantime we will be provisionally allowed to serve students from other districts. At this time roughly a quarter of our enrollment for next year is from out of district.