Yale Report

March 7, 2012

TO:                 Michael Green, Superintendent

FROM:           Asha Riley

RE: Yale Monthly Update

As usual due to the great team work of the staff out at Yale and the amazing PTO group the school is humming along smoothly. 

Read Across America Day: Our recent Dr. Seuss celebration was the kick off to a reading contest hosted by the PTO. To start the competition the PTO gave each student 2 free books to take home and read. We also enjoyed green eggs and ham that morning, generously provided to the students by the Lone Fir Restaurant.

Kindergarten: Kindergarten Enrichment continues to be a success and we continue to appreciate all the hard work and time Stephanie Bishop has contributed to our students and this program. As we look to Kindergarten registration for next year I will discuss with Stephanie the future possibility of this program continuing.  At this time I am coordinating with Shawna Elizondo to begin Kindergarten registration after spring break, exact dates are to be determined. As soon as I have a date from Shawna I'll publish it to the community.

Inclement Weather and Late Starts: Apparently we had several families not attending to late start information in the Yale area. Multiple kids arrived at the school to catch the bus to the other schools far too early. I was anxious to learn this was more than just a few unattended kids. Therefore, the Yale staff pulled together the following plans. I believe now all Yale families are well informed on how to plan for weather events and late starts.

1. Informing Parents: A letter went home reminding families to stay informed and have a plan for delayed start. A copy of this will also be entered in the student handbook for families to use and plan with in future years.

2. In Case Students Are Dropped Off Early: Mrs. Huesties or Mrs. Stuart have graciously agreed to be available prior to school start time in case kids just show up before school starts as they did this morning. This is NOT a child care plan for families on snow delays, and we are NOT advertising either of them will be here. However, I am anxious large numbers of students being left unattended and at risk. Whoever is able to come safely first and will inform those families who try to drop kids off early that school is not yet open, if kids have already been dropped off they will ensure they safely wait for school to start.

3. Library:  On the rare occasion Mrs. Deffenbaugh is unable to travel to Yale on a Wednesday due to the road conditions - Jenny will step in and cover library times. Here is a communication plan in place for such occasions. Prior to the start of school Mr. Niekamp will call Mrs. Deffenbaugh (841-2932) as he travels the road is most likely able to assess road conditions. If they both agree the roads are too slick to travel Mrs. Deffenbaugh is to have a back plan ready for Jenny Barton to do in her absence. Mr. Niekamp will notify Jenny of the need and pass the Library lesson plan on to her.

Yale Gym: The community support for the bond and the new Yale gym is exciting. Several members of the community attended the most recent PTO meeting just to hear more about the bond and the new gym.  The community is excited about to learn about the replacement of that structure. I also heard comments that there is an appreciation that the school board chose be conservative with design of the buildings in the bond so as to limit the impact of the cost associated.

Yale Library District:  The president of the Yale Valley Library District publically shared their appreciation for the work of Stacey, yourself, and several other district employees pertaining to the Yale house. While the partnership with them was an ideal solution for them, practically speaking it won't work. However, she stated several times how much she appreciated your assistance and efforts to help them find a permanent solution for a community library out there.