WIS Report

Woodland Intermediate School
Monthly Update
February, 2012

The month of February was action packed at Woodland Intermediate School.

Students and staff are extremely excited about two beautiful murals painted in our gym by Woodland artist Carey Sweyer. The primary mural is above the stage. The mural is a soaring eagle with the phrase "Soar With Pride" painted underneath it. The mural spans approximately 20 feet. The second mural is the word "EAGLES". It is approximately 17 feet long and was painted on the wall above the folding wall at mid court. The murals are another reminder that we should be proud of who we, where we come from and take pride in what we do. The murals are also intended to enhance school spirit while adding art and color to our gymnasium/cafeteria. Pictures of the murals are included.

WIS staff members participated in their third round of learning walks during the month of February. Our focus of study was establishing and maintaining effective relationships with students. Staff participated in a reading study, discussion of the reading, 3 classroom visits and a reflective seminar pertaining to what they observed during the classroom visits and plan to implement in their own classrooms to enhance relationships.

As our communities level of poverty continues to increase at alarming rates so do the number of students who need social and emotional supports in our building. The number of programs within our building designed to support students socially, emotionally and behaviorally has never been greater than it is today. During the month of February our school psychologist (Joe Crawford), counselor (Dee Ray) and I started the process of implementing a Big Brothers/Big Sisters program within our school. We are working to identify 2-4 students to start the program. The adult mentors will be from the Woodland area.

We will be hosting the fourth annual WIS book exchange on March 12th. This is a great opportunity for parents to learn about our reading program and how they can support reading within the home. It is also a great opportunity for students to obtain new reading material. Ice cream will be served! 

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